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Unabashedly Southern

by thought, word, and deed.

Hey, y’all – welcome! My name is JC and I’m tickled pink that you are here. Unabashedly Southern is a Kentucky lifestyle blog that you will always be welcome to visit; I think of my blog as a digital front porch, a place I’m always ready (and willing!) to pour ya a glass of sweet tea.

I started Unabashedly Southern with the goal of being a sister website to JCP Eats, my food website. While food is my passion (and my love language, let’s be honest), there’s so much more that I want to discuss with y’all! As such, this site is a return to my blogging roots, echoing the original blog I created over a decade ago. We’ll discuss southern lifestyle, travel, health + wellness, style, my personal life, and so much more.

Above all else, know this: I’m a proud Kentuckian. The Commonwealth of Kentucky is not only where I reside, it’s who I am. From Paducah to Pikeville, Louisville to Lake Cumberland — I’m excited to show you the southern oasis that I call home.

Stay awhile, won’t ya?

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